# 10: Voice activation


10. Voice Activation

Because point-and-click is sooo 2006 and touchscreens are so 2008. Being able to speak commands or queries and get answers has already permeated our daily lives through Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Comcast’s X1 voice remote. But what does that mean for communications? These devices are already capable of reading small bites of news on command, but it isn’t hard to imagine devices throughout homes and cars wired to the internet and able to provide even greater information at someone’s actual beck and call. The race to advertise on these connected devices is already on; revenues from smart audio devices could reach $5.5 billion by 2020. And as artificial intelligence improves, the devices will get smarter, more commonplace and become better able to handle complex commands. As they mature, they will create larger audiences willing to embrace connected platforms for consuming all kinds of content. Yes, the next 10 years will be voice activated.

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