Perry Bacon Jr. heads to FiveThirtyEight as a senior political writer


Veteran political journalist Perry Bacon Jr. is heading to FiveThirtyEight as the data-driven news site’s new senior political writer. Bacon joins FiveThirtyEight after five years at NBC News.

Nate Silver, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of FiveThirtyEight, said of Bacon’s role, “Perry will have a broad portfolio to help shape our coverage not only in Washington, but also elsewhere around the country as we increasingly blend data-driven and traditional reporting.”

Bacon is a Beltway staple, previously reporting on the White House and national politics for The Washington Post and serving as a national political writer at TIME before joining NBC News as a senior political reporter.

The MSNBC regular will take on FiveThirtyEight’s approach to “using data and analysis to add clarity and deep insight on subjects everyone is covering,” not the least of which is “the far-reaching impacts of Donald Trump’s presidency.”