Blue Engine’s DiMartino Mentioned in Politico


politicoBy Jessica Meyers and Michelle Quinn

Tech titans and their ‘trust problem’

Tech companies have seized on a new tool to handle the PRISM scandal: transparency reports.

The Silicon Valley titans — desperate to distance themselves from the U.S. surveillance program that captures information on Internet users — are clamoring to disclose more about their national security requests. They’re holding high-profile talks with the feds and unveiling buckets of data as they decry government overreach and deny complicity.

The reports have become a front-line defense for tech companies seeking to salvage consumer confidence and show influence in Washington — and to do it first.

“They have a little bit more than a public relations problem; they have a trust problem,” said David Di Martino, a partner for Blue Engine Message & Media. “Consumers expect their data to be protected and the tech companies are now trying to leverage their transparency policies, and contrasting themselves with the government’s policies, to start regaining that trust.”

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