Bo Obama’s Twitter Tricks


Want to elevate your brand?  Try a Twitter trick from the Obamas’ beloved dog, Bo. Recently, the White House capitalized on Bo’s popularity and a famous quote from the movie Mean Girls by tweeting a picture of Bo with a ball in his mouth and the line “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”  The tweet went viral – receiving more than 18,000 re-tweets, 10,177 favorites and spawning news stories in just 24 hours.  We don’t all have the White House’s megaphone, or their 4 million followers, but using personality – even pop culture – is a great way to engage with your Twitter followers.  Diverse content that includes interesting information about your issue areas along with a personal touch, makes your twitter feed more interesting. It also widens your appeal to new audiences. With more than 500 million Twitter users worldwide, there’s a fun hook out there for everyone.BoFetch