Elizabeth-Burton Jones


Elizabeth-Burton Jones is a battle-tested political media strategist with seven years of press experience on Capitol Hill.

Elizabeth-Burton has a keen eye for media openings and credits her midwestern values for her ability to foster genuine relationships with members of the press.

Elizabeth-Burton worked in both the House and Senate, where she developed extensive media experience on issues ranging from international affairs and freedom of the press to education and judiciary matters.

During her tenure on Capitol Hill, Elizabeth-Burton served in various press roles for Republican Members of Congress from Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Oklahoma, navigated the media landscape of two impeachment proceedings and the unfortunate events on January 6, and helped coordinate various widely attended press events for the House Freedom of the Press Caucus.

Most recently, she served as the press secretary for Congressman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio), the last Class of 1994 Republican serving in the House of Representatives.

During the 2016 GOP Convention, she served as one of the few Congressional staffers selected to be an on-air (tv, radio and print) surrogate. She was also selected to participate in the Aspen Institute’s Congress-Bundestag Staff Exchange Program conducted in Washington, D.C., and Berlin.

As a Congressional staffer, she created groundbreaking programming for the Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus and the Women’s Congressional Staff Association, which later became templates for Congressional Staff Association programming. These programs are still utilized across Capitol Hill today.

Elizabeth-Burton is proudly from Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. She received her undergraduate degree from John Carroll University, where she majored in Communication and Theatre Arts with minors in History and Spanish. She also received a Master’s Degree from Georgetown University in Communication, Culture and Technology. She is a former adjunct professor at Georgetown University (at the age of 27) and The George Washington University.

She is a member of the Junior League of Washington and during the 2020-2021 Junior League year, she led an in-depth historical research project on the Loughborough House. She is an active member of her church, St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill, where she serves on the Pastoral Council and is a member of the Social Justice Initiative. She is also an advisor for the Board of Trustees at Thompson-Markward Hall.

When she is not volunteering she loves to act, sing at coffee shops and travel (she has traveled extensively through Europe – Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England – and lived briefly in Paris, France where she studied the cultural intricacies of jazz for her coursework at Georgetown). She loves to root for the Steelers, Nationals and whichever team LeBron is playing on.