Post-Election Poll Webinar

Written by

Matt George

Partner, Head of Research

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Written by

Jessa Scott-Johnson

Senior Director - Research

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Seven Letter Insight’s Matt George and Jessa Scott-Johnson review results from the Seven Letter Insight post-election poll of self-identified 2022 midterm voters. 

In a representatively sampled, post-Midterm poll of 1500 voters, the Insight team posed questions to Midterm voters to learn which issues they think are most important for government to address over the next two years, identify which legislative priorities they’d like to see from the incoming Congress, gauge their level of trust in organizations, institutions, and the media, and to probe thoughts about the country’s partisan divide.

Following the presentation, Matt and Jessa were joined by Erik Smith and Brendan Buck for Q & A to provide insight into the polling results and any additional context setting as we look ahead to the next Congress. 

The poll was conducted from November 10-15, 2022 and has a margin of error of +/-2.5%.