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Corporate & Financial Communications

Our Financial Communications Practice is founded on the belief that a company’s ability to achieve and sustain fair or premium valuation requires storytelling that goes beyond financial tables. Words matter; strategy and context matter; clarity and understanding matter.

The Seven Letter team takes a holistic approach to corporate communications support, financial communications and investor relations. Doing so in a difference-making partnership with our clients leads to thoughtful outcome-based communications, reputation and valuation objectives.

While every financial communications engagement is unique, we deploy a core set of strategies to enable success.

– Our work begins with ensuring an understanding of a client’s business and sector dynamics, strategies, financial performance and communication practices linked to its actual and perceived reputation and valuation.

– We assess performance gaps as identified by company leaders, current and prospective investors, sector analysts and the financial media.

– We define the messages that matter to key audiences.

– We establish and sustain relationships with key investor relations stakeholders through intentional communications during times of strong and challenging market conditions alike.