Social Media: Sometimes You Just Need to Answer the Phone


One of the great things about using social media is the ability to track and measure your impact in ways previously unavailable. In the latest installment from Useful Social Media, they highlight the amazing amount of activity that happens every minute on Facebook (3.1 million “likes” per minute! 750,000 pictures uploaded!); the fact that corporations have a lot of work to do in order to grow trust in the information they provide via social media (in particularly Twitter); and most interesting is the counterintuitive data that people overwhelmingly prefer dealing with real humans instead of social media interactions to solve their issues. So much for the “all things digital” belief and the fact that the “old” ways of conducting business are dead.

The big take away for in this piece is to really know your audience and where/how they prefer to get their information. Do your homework before you begin your campaign. At the end of the day it may just be an old fashioned phone call that makes it happen. There are many more interesting details in the piece – read them here – including the percentage of people for whom using social media to contact a company is their preferred method. (Spoiler alert – its 1%).