Why Corporations and Nonprofits Should Keep up With the Kardashians


Whether you’re keeping up with them or not, the Kardashians, and celebrities like them, can teach corporations and nonprofits a thing or two about social media. Some of the lessons learned are pretty straightforward – stay active so people look to hear from you, interact with your followers to keep them engaged – but the success of celebrities on social media also defies the cardinal rule many brands tend to follow: message consistency. For brands looking to cultivate social followings, Deepa Seetharaman notes in her WSJ article that social channels are unique, so maintaining one message across all channels ignores the unique expectations audiences bring to each channel. She writes, “If staying on message is the first rule of corporate communications, it is also the cardinal sin of social media.” But as Seetharaman notes, crafting a narrative is vital on social media. She cites Beyoncé’s habit of eschewing standard practices and how she uses her platforms reinforces who she is – and who could argue with the results? Blue Engine works with clients to create profiles on social media that support a brand’s larger narrative, while speaking to individual audiences with distinct messages.

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Source: MyTechbits.com