#3: Speaking your mind is ok, and encouraged


Today, part of being a good corporate citizen means taking a stand on issues and topics that were at one point considered too sensitive. In recent years, we’ve seen companies unafraid to speak out on same-sex marriage or immigration – and not just because they have a vested interest in appealing to a broader audience base. For example, after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, companies like Tide, American Airlines and Coca-Cola changed their logos and posted on their social media feeds using #LoveWins in support of the decision. Ten years ago, this wouldn’t have happened – and 10 years from now, it will be even more common than it is today.

Companies are going to continue to find that talking about issues that are unrelated to, or not motivated solely by their business interests, will help their audience get to know them better as corporate citizens. Being unafraid to take affirmative positions on a range of issues can also build goodwill with the public and with customers that could translate into higher brand loyalty. This helps when crisis strikes – but it also helps define a company beyond the bottom line.

This trend also presents opportunities for communications professionals. As we help clients establish and grow their brands and reputations, it will be important for us to help them demonstrate their corporate or organizational values in a way that makes a positive impact on both reputational and business goals.

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