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Research that moves your message forward.

In-house public opinion and messaging research experts

Our tailored research programs are designed to identify your audience and uncover the most compelling ways to reach them, delivering detailed audience analysis and smart communication strategy

We provide qualitative and quantitative research tools that provide honest insights that empower clients to control the conversation and craft their future.

Our detailed focus groups provide insight into why your audience makes decisions and how they perceive the world. Our representatively sampled benchmark surveys provide messaging strategy and accurate audience segmentation you can trust.

  • Honest insights.
  • Research based results.

Outcomes We Deliver

Purpose built to bring clarity, simplicity and results.

    Build trust with customers, clients with a research-tested strategic plan that guides your messaging efforts and actions.

    Ensure that advertising and marketing budgets are put to good use by testing creative concepts with your target audience before the media buy to understand which ads and messages work and which to leave on the cutting-room floor.

    By understanding your target audience, we craft a complete messaging blueprint that is uniquely “you” while being precision-tailored to impact your customers or constituents.

    Don’t just prepare, perfect your delivery. Aided by research-tested and proven strategies, our media training ensures your communication is compelling and consistent.

    When message really matters, don’t just rely on intuition. Our messaging research can identify what your audience needs to hear and how they want to hear it.

    Take the guesswork out of opening and closing statements by stress-testing arguments directly with a representatively sampled jury pool. And the best part – you get instant feedback on which messages work and which ones fall flat.

    Increase motivation of your teams by communicating to them in a more effective way. By researching your teams’ perceptions, we can craft internal communications plans that move the needle and drive increased engagement.

  • Reputation Building
  • Creative Confidence
  • Custom Lexicon
  • Pitch and Media Training
  • Crisis Management
  • Jury Test
  • Employee Engagement

Our team

Whether building communities, activating audiences, engaging the public or influencing policy outcomes, digital strategy matters more than ever.

Matt George

Partner, Head of Research

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Jessa Scott-Johnson

Senior Director - Research

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Eunice Yau

Director – Research

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Annie Phifer

Research Manager

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