Seven Letter Launches New Limited Series Podcast “CONTROL”

Written by

Brendan Buck


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Written by

Annalyse Keller

Managing Director

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Hosted by two GOP Capitol Hill Veteran Staffers, Series Will Provide a Look into the Political Dynamics and Policy Priorities of the Next Congress; Launches with Paul Ryan Interview

Seven Letter, a full-service strategic communications firm with offices in Washington and Boston, today announced the launch of “CONTROL,” a new limited series podcast hosted by Seven Letter’s Brendan Buck and Annalyse Keller, two GOP Capitol Hill veteran staffers who now serve as communications strategists to Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and advocacy coalitions. Drawing on their experience in GOP congressional politics, the podcast seeks to look around the corner at the policy priorities and political dynamics that will define Congress following the 2022 midterm elections. “CONTROL” weaves in real-time news reactions from the hosts and guests, offering a sober take on what is to come in the next Congress.

“CONTROL,” which is a seven-letter word, will have regular episodes in the weeks following the election and into the new Congress in January. It is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The series kicks off today with an episode featuring a conversation with former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The wide-ranging discussion covered topics including the recent attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi, how to effectively channel the energy of new Members of Congress in a new majority, the potential for overreach when conducting congressional oversight, and the importance of getting back to identifying new – and better – policies for the American people.

The following are excerpts from former Speaker Ryan during the episode:

“The question is can you channel this energy to good policymaking, good policy ends, to a coherent majority that offers the country a coherent choice, or are we just going to be wrapped around the axle of culture wars? I think that’s going to be the question of this new majority.”

“The last thing the American people want to see is a new majority used as a tool for Trump’s vindictive campaign or vendetta. That’s not what a majority is for. A majority is for advancing the interests of the American people looking forward, not looking backward and settling some guy’s scores.”

Forthcoming episodes of the podcast will tackle subjects like congressional oversight, energy policy and tech policy, with a focus on what can be expected from a possible GOP majority – either in the House, Senate, or both. Guests will include subject-matter experts, journalists, former lawmakers, and political operatives, all with a keen insight into what is next for Washington.