New Twitter Design Adds More Narrative Options




Take a look at your Twitter profile. Now look at First Lady Michelle Obama’s, actress Kerry Washington’s and undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather’s. Notice anything different? Twitter recently announced it will be introducing a new layout as well as other features for users in the next few weeks. With its large cover image and user information to the left, Twitter’s new design will make it almost identical to that of Facebook — giving users the capability to switch between various tabs of tweets, videos, photos and followers instantaneously.

Profile photos are larger (400 x 400 pixels) and tweets now take up most of the page, but are just as easy to navigate. These changes will give companies and organizations a new way to make their brands more visually appealing to their audiences. By changing the way it looks, Twitter can help bring to life different pieces of content and help emphasize various both images and narrative through their new “pinned tweets” feature while continuing to allow for the rapid-fire conversation the social media service is known for. We look forward to seeing the creative ways companies and organizations take advantage of the new features.