The 8 Reasons Why We Love Twitter







8 reasons we love twitter.  Today is Twitter’s 8th #birthday. While the traditional anniversary list calls for #pottery or #bronze, we thought we’d share 8 reasons we love the social media service. 8. Gifs. Without twitter where would we find these things? 7. Lists. Grouping reporters or clients or sports news into easily manageable lists. Genius. 6. #notontwitter. Good. More tweets for the rest of us. 5. Snark.  If you are snarky this is the social media channel for you. 4. Breaking news.


There is no faster way to learn of breaking news unless you are breaking the news yourself. 3. Hashtags. #awesome #whatelseistheretosay #awesomesquared.  2. Comic relief.  Sometimes you need to shout into the void.  Instead, #tweet. And the number 1 reason we love twitter is…INFOGRAPHICS. The new way to communicate everything from pension policy to the price of orange juice.  Truly changing the business, how news is delivered and consumed, and giving graphic designers everywhere an outlet for their talents.