Daniel Lippman has a new beat at POLITICO


After five+ years co-writing POLITICO’s Playbook, Daniel Lippman is beginning a new a chapter at POLITICO. In his new role, Lippman is covering  the Trump White House and will focus more on feature writing and investigative reporting. He’ll continue to curate Playbook’s “Great Weekend Reads,” according to POLITICO.

POLITICO executive editor Paul Volpe shared Lippmann’s new position with the newsroom, noting: “We’re pleased to announce that Daniel Lippman, who has been burning the candle at both ends by co-writing Playbook seven days a week over the last five-plus years while contributing a steady stream of scoops, will focus exclusively on original reporting as of July 15.”

Prior to joining POLITICO, Lippman was a fellow at E&E Publishing and reported for The Wall Street Journal in New York.