Seven Letter provides innovative strategic communications solutions to the complex challenges facing corporations, non-profits and advocacy groups.

Our approach combines the best practices of long-term corporate planning with short-term political rapid response techniques to design and manage effective communications campaigns.

With each assignment, we work closely – and intensively – to develop and execute comprehensive strategic plans to address each client’s unique needs, goals and aspirations.

Seven Letter offers informed, strategic counsel and hands-on support to those facing complex communications challenges.

Most often, Seven Letter’s engagements are designed to enhance or protect a brand, reputation or market position at times of great opportunity or threat.

Our team draws upon experience in the highest levels of the political, corporate and non-profit sectors to offer innovative, comprehensive strategic communications and issue advocacy solutions.

Adam Abrams
Adam Abrams is an accomplished communications strategist with more than 15 years of experience at the highest levels of government and politics…
Catherine Adamchak
Chief of Staff
Catherine Lavelle Adamchak directs all financial and operational initiatives for Seven Letter, including financial management, paid media placement…
Josh Berman
Content Specialist
Josh Berman is an emerging communications professional with proven experience helping to execute public affairs campaigns for corporate, nonprofit and industry advocacy clients.
Chris Billeter
Chris Billeter has spent the last 10 years – nearly his entire career – as a digital strategist in political communications and public affairs.
Brendan Buck
Brendan is one of Washington’s top communications strategists and has been at the center of the biggest policy and political battles of the last decade.
Carly Coakley
Carly Coakley provides strategic communications support to a wide array of clients in the corporate and non-profit sectors…
David Di Martino
Founding Partner
David is a seasoned communications professional with 20 years of experience advising non-profit, political, advocacy and corporate clients on messaging, media, communications, and strategy.
Benji Englander
Content Specialist
Benji Englander is a rising communications professional with proven experience helping corporations, nonprofits and coalitions achieve their communications and public affairs goals.
Allison Clear Fastow
Founding Partner
Allison Clear Fastow is an accomplished communications professional with more than 15 years of experience leading communication strategy for some of the nation’s largest corporations, nonprofits...
Kara Ferguson
Kara Ferguson is a veteran communications professional with extensive experience designing and executing strategic communications and advertising campaigns.
Trevor Francis
Founding Partner
Trevor Francis has more than two decades of experience working at the intersection of politics, government and public relations.
Alfonso Hidalgo
Content Specialist
Alfonso Hidalgo is a communications professional with experience helping corporations, nonprofits and coalitions…
Liza Crawford Joenler
Liza Crawford Joenler is a dedicated communicator who develops and executes creative, targeted campaigns to help corporate, non-profit and trade association clients achieve their complex policy goals...
Dave Knaus
Dave Knaus is a veteran strategic communications and public policy professional with nearly a decade of political and corporate experience…
Justin Krakoff
Content Specialist
Justin Krakoff is a communications professional with experience helping companies, coalitions and nonprofits execute their strategic communications plans and achieve their public affairs goals.
Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis has over a decade of experience in high stakes leadership roles in government, public affairs, political campaigns and corporate communications.
Amber McDowell
Amber McDowell is a veteran strategist with 15+ years of experience designing and managing winning communications campaigns for political leaders, corporations and non-profit organizations.
Will Mesinger
Will Mesinger is a communications professional who specializes in translating clients’ complex policy priorities into compelling, targeted strategies that get results.
Cynthia V. Montes
Cynthia Montes provides rapid response communications support and strategic communications counsel to clients to help them translate complex policy issues…
Irma Palmer
Irma Palmer has more than a decade of experience working at the intersection of policy, politics and communications.
Ralph Posner
Ralph Posner brings more than 25 years of political and policy experience in Washington.
Steve Posner
Steve is a communications professional with over 20 years of experience at the intersection of policy and communications…
Laurie Rossbach
Managing Director
Laurie Rossbach brings nearly two decades of experience in strategic planning, public affairs, media relations, and issues and image management.
Erik Smith
Founding Partner
Erik Smith advises corporations, non-profits and individuals on the development, planning and implementation of comprehensive communications strategies.
Tim Burger
Of Counsel
Tim Burger is Of Counsel to Seven Letter…
Holly Jackson
Of Counsel
Holly Jackson is a seasoned communications professional who specializes in developing strategic partnerships between clients and stakeholder organizations.
James Ratchford
Of Counsel
James Ratchford is a communications strategist with more than eighteen years of campaign management and public affairs experience, with a particular expertise in energy issues. 
Jessica Stout
Of Counsel
Jessica Stout is a seasoned communications professional with experience in government, political, nonprofit and corporate communications.

Seven Letter is always looking for creative thinkers, good writers and those with a passion for public affairs communications.


Seven Letter creates, develops and implements strategic communications plans for Fortune 500 companies, coalitions, non-profits and national trade associations.  We frequently collaborate with corporate communications, marketing and government relations teams to implement priority programs when reputation, brand or market position face a threat or opportunity.

Throughout our engagements, Seven Letter provides informed strategic counsel and hands-on support for navigating complex, and often politically-charged, environments.

Our engagements have included counseling C-suite executives through public affairs crises, building coalitions and driving coalition activities, developing outreach programs to influence reputation or market position, and strategic media outreach to complement advocacy campaigns.

Brand & Reputation Management

Brand, reputation, and market position are particularly vulnerable to external forces in a fast-changing public affairs landscape.

Seven Letter develops nimble communications plans designed to both proactively assert a client’s brand and defend against external attempts to diminish market position.

Brand and reputation management campaigns often draw on tactics from public relations and media outreach as well as digital communications, and may include branded products and events as part of a  “thought leadership” program.

Whether your plan includes targeting the media or public policy makers, we have extensive experience effectively enhancing your role in the public affairs space.

Digital Communication

We do not generate news and simply hope that someone sees it.  To ensure our clients are able to amplify their own messages with key audiences, we help them build digital communities organized around industry interests or policy priorities.  We design communications plans that share information and engage directly with networks.  We construct comprehensive social media advocacy campaigns, often on a smaller budget than traditional marketing vehicles, that can learn from and react to targeted audiences in real-time.

Seven Letter helps clients plan and implement creative, targeted digital advertising through paid search and social media networks.

Coalitions & Grasstops

Coalitions and grasstops partnerships are invaluable tools that can demonstrate the breadth of support for a policy approach.  Less formal strategic partnerships can also expand your reach to new geographies, audiences or issue areas and effectively increase the amount of published or distributed content focused on your priority issues.

Our team is experienced in developing partnerships, building coalitions into active entities, creating and implementing communications activities around priorities, identifying support and mobilizing a campaign.

We have played key creative development and daily management roles on strategic partnerships and policy coalitions related to biopharmaceuticals, clean energy, Medicaid health services, carbon emissions and innovation/intellectual property.

Crisis Management

Seven Letter develops easily adaptable and rapidly deployable plans that respond to unplanned news cycles.   Our crisis management approach evaluates every communications opportunity and includes a recommendation on how to leverage assets, from internal and stakeholder networks, to social media, to traditional news outlets.

Legislative fights, regulatory challenges and other crises, of course, come in many shapes and sizes, some anticipated, some unexpected. Our approach is to plan in advance for every contingency, protect our client’s reputation and prepare for intense media scrutiny. Our goal is to exit every engagement having strengthened the client’s brand and stature in the marketplace.

Message Development

We work intensively with clients to design the most effective messages to mobilize and influence key audiences – Congressional leaders, policy influencers and opinion leaders, among others. As a result, our clients are able to do more than simply respond to external forces. They are able to chart their own course through a public affairs fight or crisis and beyond. Often, we team with a public opinion polling firm to ensure that critical decisions are data driven.

Issue Advocacy

Seven Letter’s strong background in politics, corporate communications planning, coalition building and media outreach provides us the skills to craft and implement effective issue advocacy campaigns for corporations, trade associations and coalitions, and nonprofits.

We have experience working on legislative and regulatory issues across a broad range of industries including energy, climate, defense, financial services, health, tax, trade, patent reform, publishing, and social innovation.

We are accustomed to working with teams comprised of multiple consultancies, as well as internal communications and government relations teams.

PR Planning & Media Relations

Through our Congressional, political and corporate work on some of the most significant policy initiatives of the last decade, we have built key relationships with elite, influential reporters.  Our public relations planning and outreach goal is always to establish the best channels to quickly and reliably disseminate relevant news to reporters.  We think ahead of news cycles and if necessary can re-frame an existing news cycle using political campaign-style rapid response protocols.

Our approach to managing controversial subjects that attract the attention of Congress or regulators puts a priority on educating reporters and other key audiences about the relevant facts.  We work closely with the client’s team to put official assertions within a reasonable context or, if appropriate, rebut them forcefully.

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