Funny or Die Office Brings Comedy and Innovative Messaging to Washington


What’s the point of a powerful message if you can’t break through the noise? These days, finding innovative ways to communicate is a top priority for politicians and corporations alike. That’s what the now-famous Between Two Ferns segment with President Obama was all about – reaching an important audience, in that case with a message about signing up for health coverage. More than 10.2 million people watched that clip on YouTube alone. Now, Funny or Die, the digital studio behind the ‘Ferns’ bit and other short political videos are putting politics front-and-center by opening an office in Washington, DC to build on their success and position themselves to capitalize on the political theater that is our nation’s capital. Funny or Die’s DC office will be helmed by White House alum Brad Jenkins, who acted as the president’s liaison to the creative and advocacy communities while at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In addition to gearing up for 2016, Funny or Die in DC will also consult on social media, talent outreach and other strategies for clients, according to The Hollywood Reporter.