Evolving Digital Landscape Requires New Strategies


What happens to digital strategy when a major advertising platform like Twitter decides to change its rules overnight? Organizations and communicators need – as the saying goes – a plan for that.

Well, we’ve got one.

Introducing Seven Letter Labs, an expanded, full-service digital communications offering that will provide leading-edge strategy and put our clients at a competitive and cost advantage with their advertising dollars. Seven Letter Labs will be a place where we can innovate for our clients because the digital ecosystem never sits still. Rather than having a Twitter strategy or a Facebook strategy, organizations need an efficacy strategy.

That means, first and foremost, being more focused on people than any particular platform. Who is your audience? Where are they? What do they care about?

That same Twitter user is consuming digital content on many other platforms throughout their day. Your digital strategy should be able to deliver your content wherever they may be – and be able to do the same over and over for each person in your audience.

But finding your audience is only half the battle. You also need to get bang for your buck. Digital advertising has become a thicket of brokers and middlemen eating up budgets before you ever reach your targets. The industry is also full of buzzwords and big promises. You need to be able to understand what’s real and what’s just bluster. You need to know how to make sure your dollars are being spent to actually reach your audience.

Seven Letter Labs is the result of our firm’s acquisition of Tessio Labs, a premier digital strategy firm founded by John Corrigan and Mike Treon, and it is designed to tackle those exact challenges. John and Mike helped shape advertising platforms at the dawn of the digital era while working for Advertising.com, AOL and Verizon. Seven Letter Labs is where we can do the creative problem solving and constant innovation necessary for our clients’ stories to break through the crowded digital landscape. The addition of John and Mike also reflects our firm’s approach to provide senior level strategy and expertise on every project, and gives our clients access to the cost efficiency and efficacy that comes from their deep relationships and experience, having built some of the very platforms that define the digital space.

This acquisition, and the launch of Seven Letter Labs, comes one year after we brought together Blue Engine Message & Media and JDA Frontline, resulting in the formation of Seven Letter – and we’ve been growing our team and our capabilities ever since.

Whether building communities, activating audiences, engaging the public or influencing policy outcomes, digital strategy matters more than ever. Seven Letter Labs gives our clients the ability to develop new strategies so that our clients don’t simply participate in the conversation, they shape it. And, a week after news that Twitter would ban political and issue ads, our expanded digital team is already giving our clients the tools to reach the same influencer audiences while providing greater control over message, timing and targeting.